I found love in a hopeless place

You know that feeling when you go into a shop that generally has terrible stuff in it and all of a sudden you find your soulmate in it? This is what happened to me a few days ago, i went to Pompei with my family to "La Cartiera" wich is the worst place you could possibly choose for shopping, even an homeless woman would probably refuse to wear something that comes from that place. Anyway maybe it was the dinner at Mc Donalds or the chance to leave Sorrento even if just for a while, but somehow my mother managed to convince me, so reluctant and hungry i started looking around with an horrified expression on my face, but when i got into H&M (don't get me wrong i love h&m, the one in this mall just has a terrible selection of stuff and it's so small) while my mother was looking for some stuff for my little brother i came across HIM, this beautiful, stunning, breathtaking simply amazing COAT (yes, i tricked you, i was actually talking about a piece of clothing all this time). Pardon my enthusiasm but i've been looking for this coat for ages, i did't even care about the price anymore an i managed to find it in the ugliest shop ever for a very low price, i mean... Try to understand, i'm in love. 

And here he is in all it's majesty:

I know that a boyfriend coat is not everyone's cup of tea but i just love it so much! 

Hope you enjoyed, bisous